Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas and Birthday Party

Yesterday was my godchildren’s birthday. Since they are twins, the proud parents and grandparents prepared a wonderful birthday party for the twins. The biggest attraction of the event was the two big pork lechon and the two cakes of two layers each with a miniature of babies on top of it. The adults were all eyed to the lechon while the kids can’t wait to get a slice of the cake. Lol. The kids had so much fun on playing different parlor games. We, the spectators, just watched them while the kids were playing, but we also cheered for our child/ren haha. There was a stage mom, and she was funny indeed. She helped her child to win one of the games, and she was the one who had the biggest mouth too, as if she was holding a microphone when she yelled. Lol.

The venue was just at the residence of the celebrants, so when the kids were finished playing and eating, the adults started to sit in front of the karaoke machine. Most of them wanted to sit in front so they could grab the microphone easily. When they started to sing, ironically, there was also a Christmas party near to the house. They also had a karaoke machine, so when they were singing together, my poor ears wanted to explode. The worst part was, our house is on the center of the parties. To our right side was the Christmas party, and then on the left side was the birthday party. Could you imagine the noise that we had last night? The Christmas party finished at dawn while the birthday party stopped singing at midnight I guess.