Monday, December 13, 2010

Blue Monday - Doll House

Hello everyone, how was your weekend, I bet you were busier than me. It's time to share our blue photos again, so here are the photos that I took inside the mall. This doll's height is taller than my four year old niece. My niece is less than 4 feet and this doll is exactly 4 feet tall. This doll has her own house too, enough for the kids to play inside as well. Look at my son, he's trying to open the doll house door, but he was shy because there were girls playing inside. Anyway, I had a good chat with Pretty Rose @ Nostalgic Marveling this morning. It was actually our first chat on YM, and I am sure, it will not be the last. ha ha. Now I know what's the other meaning of WV (US State)..Ha ha Visit Rose and ask her the new meaning of WV. He he.

Janjan, my son and the Doll House

The owner of the doll house. lol

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