Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday 9 - Watching the Wheels

Saturday 9: Watching the Wheels

1. What do you see when you are watching the wheels go round?
Ans: A happy kids riding their toy cars.

2. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones?
Ans: Yes, our local version of Big Brother and Survivor.

3. What's your favorite all time reality show?
Ans: Pinoy Big Brother

4. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked?
Ans: Partly real and partly fake and they have a rehearsals.

5. What does your personal neon sign say to the world?
Ans: Time is Gold.

6. Ever seen a neon sign with certain letters burned out so that it said something unintended?
Ans:.I saw a neon signs at the food court and its says “Hot Place”. All their foods are hot and spicy.

7. What gives you a headache? Could be a scent, a sound, someone's actions - anything.
Ans: Scent especially a very strong scent.

8. What song, artist or album in your music collection would you pull out and play if you wanted to give your roommate/neighbors a huge, head-splitting headache?
Ans: Hahaha..I will play my father’s favorite Visayan song. Our neighbors hate it because it’s an old song but my father loves it.

9. What do you do to relieve stress?
Ans: I’ll close the windows; turn on the air conditioner, lock the bedroom’s door and sleep. I will tell them not to disturb me while I am sleeping.

Enjoy your weekend!