Nostalgic Meme - Natal Day

This was the sweet email I received yesterday from my inbox. I am a member of Nestle Philippines since 2004. When I was still in Manila, I received every month a newsletter, free stuffs, and coupons from them and delivered it to my door. When I moved here late 2005, Nestle Philippines still sending those stuffs to my door every month because I forgot to inform the office that I was not there anymore. It was my "kumare" who told me that I still have mails from Nestle Philippines. So, I emailed the office about my new address but unfortunately, i don't have mails from them anymore. And yesterday, It made me really surprised with these greetings. Ha ha. Well, thanks to them for remembering my natal day.

I would also like to thank the LORD for his guidance ever since I was born. I know I am not a good "son of God" but He never stopped guiding me in everything I do. There is only one thing I could ask from HIM. Please help me to strengthen my faith to you for I know I lost it sometimes.

Thanks again to Rose for this wonderful Meme. Link up to her if you want to join this Meme.

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