Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kids are back to school.

After almost two weeks semester break, students were back to school a few days ago from nursery to college. Are they happy? Well, I guess some of them are excited to go back at school but some are not especially to those who are not interested to go to school. I am lucky because my kids like to go to school. They are both dedicated to their studies. I don’t need to convince them to study hard for they both like to be recognized at school for being a good student. My eldest son is my youngest son role model. He likes to be like his big brother. That is why when Janjan, my youngest, has school homework’s, he rather asked help from his big brother than asking help from me. They are best friends when it comes to their studies but great enemy when playing their playstation or online games like warrock because Jason, my eldest always won the game, and you will hear Janjan is crying again. Ha ha.

How about you guys? Are your kids interested to go to school? If not, how will you convince them that school is important?