Monday, November 29, 2010

Blue Monday

Good day to all! It's Blue Monday again and here are the pictures that I want to share with you today.
 This is the toilet inside People's Park, Davao City. The blue toilet is for male and pink for female.

This was taken inside the mall when there was a short cooking lesson. I stayed and listened for awhile because I was interested with the dishes they cooked on that day.

 I, Me, Myself
This was taken outside at the Davao International Airport when we were waiting for the arrival of my uncle. The two kids are my niece and nephew. 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday 9: Dark Lady

Here we go....

1. Have you ever been to a fortune teller? If yes, what happened?
Ans: Yes, many times when I was in Manila. Her predictions were true because it really happened to me.

2. How do you cope in an uncomfortable social situation?
Ans: Maybe walk away without being notice.

3. A genie appears (of course). She asks, “If you had 3 wishes but each took 3 years off your life, what would you wish for and why?”
Ans: A happy family life, a successful children, tour the world Ha ha.

4. Would you rather lose your soul mate or never meet them at all?
Ans: I would rather like to meet him.

5. What is the hardest thing that you have ever had to do?
Ans: Raising my kids alone.

6. Have you ever had a miracle happen to you or your loved ones?
Ans: Yes, when I was young.

7. Tell us about a quote that you can relate to. Why can you relate with it?:
Ans: There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

8. What personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?
Ans: Trusting easily.

9. For those in The States, how was your Turkey Day? If not from the US, do you celebrate a day like Thanksgiving?
Ans: No. We only celebrate thanksgiving if there is something to be thankful for like achieving your goals, passing a CPA Board Exam, etc. or getting your first salary on your first job.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nostalgic Meme - Natal Day

This was the sweet email I received yesterday from my inbox. I am a member of Nestle Philippines since 2004. When I was still in Manila, I received every month a newsletter, free stuffs, and coupons from them and delivered it to my door. When I moved here late 2005, Nestle Philippines still sending those stuffs to my door every month because I forgot to inform the office that I was not there anymore. It was my "kumare" who told me that I still have mails from Nestle Philippines. So, I emailed the office about my new address but unfortunately, i don't have mails from them anymore. And yesterday, It made me really surprised with these greetings. Ha ha. Well, thanks to them for remembering my natal day.

I would also like to thank the LORD for his guidance ever since I was born. I know I am not a good "son of God" but He never stopped guiding me in everything I do. There is only one thing I could ask from HIM. Please help me to strengthen my faith to you for I know I lost it sometimes.

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Blog Hop # 1

I got this Blog Hop thing from Shinade @ The Painted Veil. This is another way to meet new people, promote your blog or blogs to the blogosphere, get traffic and many more. So, visit Shinade too and grab the code and paste it to your blog post. Many thanks to Shinade for creating this Blog Hop adventure.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Sagittarius

ABC Wedenesday…..

S… for Sagittarius.

Photo: Not Mine.

Sagittarius is my zodiac sign, according to Wikipedia, this is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is identified as a centaur: half human, half horse. In some legends, the Centaur Chiron was the son of Philyra and Saturn, who was said to have changed himself into a horse to escape his jealous wife, Rhea. Chiron was eventually immortalized in the constellation of Centaurus or in some versions, Sagittarius

The personality and qualities of a Sagittarian.

Sagittarius Personality:

Inquisitive and energetic, the Sagittarius is the traveler of the Zodiac. Their philosophical, broad-minded approach to life motivates them the wander far and wide in the search for the meaning of life. Extroverted, optimistic, and enthusiastic, it can be almost impossible to keep the Sagittarius down. They love change. In fact, change is essential for this sign to feel their best.

Sagittarius Key Words:

Great sense of humor, idealistic, generous.

Will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, promises more than can deliver, can be impatient to the point of rudeness.

Charismatic marks:
Open and interested. Generally tall, strong legs. Clothes for comfort, not style. Women act in a “tomboy” manner.

Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy.

Details, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, clingy people.

Best environment:
Outside, on the move.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Blue Monday

Hi everyone! It's Blue Monday and it's time to post our bluetiful pictures once again. Here are the pictures that I took in different times and places. I hope you like these pictures and many thanks to Smiling Sally for hosting this meme every Monday.

Church at the Shrine Hills
Playground at People's Park, Davao City

Janjan in Yellow and Andrei in Green having fun at MOA (Manila)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Saturday 9 Meme Today myspace graphic comments

Today is supposed to be the Saturday 9 Meme but since all the questions are all about Thanksgiving, so I decided not to participate today for Philippines has no Thanksgiving in November, and no turkeys on the table either. Filipinos will only have Thanksgiving if their prayers, goals, wishes, are granted. So there is no definite date for Thanksgiving for Filipinos.

Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday, so it’s time for Jason and Miko to visit their guitar instructor again. My son and my nephew have acoustic guitar lessons every other Sunday. Well, they both pretty good now and I am happy that they both love music. Janjan wants to enroll piano lesson, but he can only do it on weekends or in summertime.

Well, that's all for now, just enjoy your weekend, and I will continue my blog hopping after dinner.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. Why does the sun go on shining lol.

2. Everybody wants to see the world.

3. Thank you for the visit and comment here in my blog.

4. Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love to see sparkling lights at night, I love making Christmas tree, and this is the time where family and friends having a great time together, but the most exciting is the GIFT.

5. I am SO busy.

6. We should make up our minds to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include ah! As usual, fighting with the dirty clothes, wanna help? and Sunday, I want to relax, I hope!

Spend Wisely This Holiday.

Yahoo! Many employees, from government and private companies are now receiving their bonuses because it’s the time of the year when these employees get loads of cash from their year-end bonuses. With extra money in their pockets, it’s also easy to get catch up in the excitement that comes with the holidays and many people including me will go into an overactive spending mode.

Before you jump to your favorite stores for some frenzied shopping, think about what this spending can do to your financial health. Enjoying the holiday season need not be expensive. We can make a perfect holiday even without spending too much. Don’t overspend or else you will greet the New Year with a headache and an empty wallet or worse, a much bigger debt.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nostalgic Thursday


When I was a kid, one of my favorite candies was bubble gum, and since the product’s name is Tarzan, we called it Tarzan. When ever I had small money, Tarzan would be on top of my lists because the wrapper of this gum can be used as our play money. Another thing why I so love this kind of gum, it is because I and my friends were competing who could make the biggest bubble by blowing it with our mouth. And the wrapper that we had to would be our sort of payment or prize. It was really fun for us kids.

Nowadays, kids want to buy it just because they love the sweet tastes of it, but they don’t play like what we did when we were kids. They just throw away the wrapper, chew the gum, make a little bubble and when the sweet taste has gone, they will throw it. Some kids, and adults too didn’t know the proper place of throwing away of the gum.

Anyway, this is my entry for this week Meme. I wish I could submit the link to Rose, the host of this Meme because I have a very slow internet connection for the past few days, and it is really hard for me to open a site. For more interesting and exciting memories of the participants of this Meme, and if you want to join too, just click the link that I have provided.

The old wrapper that we used as play money. The only difference is that, this is brighter than before.

This is the new wrapper of Tarzan.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blue Monday

Yesterday was the great day for all Filipinos. Our very own Manny Pacquiao, the World Boxing Champion, won again for his fight against Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito. Filipinos rejoiced for the victory of Manny Pacquiao that is why I am posting this blue band drum as my entry for this week Meme.

Mabuhay ang Filipino! Mabuhay ka Pacman!

For more bluetiful entries, head on over to Smiling Sally, the host of this meme.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Just What I Needed

1. Who was the last person who entered your life and was just what you needed?
Ans: Oh! It’s Ove.

2. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
Ans: Playing, running in the rain with my friends and wearing nothing on the feet.

3. What would you like to be doing in 7 years?
Ans: Oh I wish I could tour the world at that time ha ha.

4. Tell us about a blogging pet peeve.
Ans: Getting an anonymous comment. Leaving a message to my shoutbox, but they forgot to give the correct link of their blogs.

5. Tell us about a general pet peeve.
Ans: A person who doesn’t know what is right and wrong. (I hope you can read this, idiot cousin!)

6. For one day, who would you like to trade places with?
Ans: Just for a day? Hmmm that’s impossible for it will take almost 24 hours to go to their places.

7. Where is your least favorite place to be?
Ans: Our wet market. If it is a province here, I guess, it’s Bohol.

8. What do you like about fall?
Ans: Leaves are on the ground. Lol Sorry, we don’t have fall in the Philippines.

9. If you or someone you know are chronically late, do you believe it's the result of poor planning or choosing to be late?
Ans: Ha ha…Filipinos are always late in their appointment, that’s why If have an appointment, I’ll ask if it is Filipino time or American time. Lol

Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. When pigs fly, they must be from outer space or an alien.

2. I will be moving soon seriously?!

3. Call me when you’re done.

4. You will not be happy if you know what I mean.

5. The most entertaining person in my life is my youngest son because he’s a kiddo.

6. Venus Raj is the 2010 Miss Philippine-Universe, who's next?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include sorting our old clothes and give it to the poor, usually neighbors(we do this every Christmas) and Sunday, I want to shop!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 10 Droppers in October myspace graphic comments

I would like to say thank you to all my droppers last month and sorry for this is kinda late. And here are my top 10 droppers for the month of October.

Slightly Sarcastic 31
Urban Art by Paul Baines 31
my kids are my world 31
Art Shout! 31
T-Shirt Reviews 31
pensive thoughts 31
The Ad Master 31
Things We Share 31
Urban Art Blog 30
Singapore Playground 30

Thank you so much once again guys.

What happened in my birth year?

In 1963, the world was a different place.

There was no Google yet. Or Yahoo. Or, for that matter.
In 1963, the year of your birth, the top selling movie was Cleopatra. People buying the popcorn in the cinema lobby had glazing eyes when looking at the poster.

Remember, that was before there were DVDs. Heck, even before there was VHS. People were indeed watching movies in the cinema, and not downloading them online. Imagine the packed seats, the laughter, the excitement, the novelty. And mostly all of that without 3D computer effects.

Do you know who won the Oscars that year? The academy award for the best movie went to Tom Jones. The Oscar for best foreign movie that year went to Federico Fellini's 8½. The top actor was Sidney Poitier for his role as Homer Smith in Lilies of the Field. The top actress was Patricia Neal for her role as Alma Brown in Hud. The best director? Tony Richardson for Tom Jones.

In the year 1963, the time when you arrived on this planet, books were still popularly read on paper, not on digital devices. Trees were felled to get the word out. The number one US bestseller of the time was The Shoes of the Fisherman by Morris L. West. Oh, that's many years ago. Have you read that book? Have you heard of it?

In 1963... Osamu Tezuka's Tetsuwan Atomum, Astro Boy, Japan's first serialized animated series based on the popular manga, debuts on Japanese television station Fuji TV. France and Germany sign the Elysée Treaty. Juan Bosch takes office as the 41st president of the Dominican Republic. Female suffrage is enacted in Iran. Iron Man debuts in Marvel Comics's Tales of Suspense #39. Lester Bowles Pearson becomes the 14th Prime Minister of Canada. Fidel Castro visits the Soviet Union. Pope Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini, succeeds Pope John XXIII as the 262nd pope. The Beatles play at the Borough Theatre in Abergavenny. The U.S. Senate ratifies the nuclear test ban treaty. Car manufacturing firm Lamborghini is founded.

That was the world you were born into. Since then, you and others have changed it.
The Nobel prize for Literature that year went to Giorgos Seferis. The Nobel Peace prize went to International Committee of the Red Cross. The Nobel prize for physics went to Maria Goeppert-Mayer and J. Hans D. Jensen from the United States and West Germany for their discoveries concerning nuclear shell structure. The sensation this created was big. But it didn't stop the planets from spinning, on and on, year by year. Years in which you would grow bigger, older, smarter, and, if you were lucky, sometimes wiser. Years in which you also lost some things. Possessions got misplaced. Memories faded. Friends parted ways. The best friends, you tried to hold on. This is what counts in life, isn't it?

The 1960s were indeed a special decade. The Swinging Sixties saw the rise of counterculture. There was recreational drug use and casual sex. Many countries gained independence from their colonial rulers. Several governments turned to the left. In Britain, the Labour Party gains power. The Vietnam War continues. The Algerian War comes to a close. In the US, Hispanics fight to end racial discrimination and socioeconomic disparity. Feminism keeps rising. Art House films make it to theaters. The Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones play their music. The US and Soviet Union come close to a military confrontation during the Cuba missile crisis. Nixon becomes US president. Man lands on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission of the United States. The first heart transplantation occurs. The first computer game, Spacewar, is created.

Do you remember the movie that was all the rage when you were 15? Jaws 2. Do you still remember the songs playing on the radio when you were 15? Maybe it was Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb. Were you in love? Who were you in love with, do you remember?
In 1963, 15 years earlier, a long time ago, the year when you were born, the song Walk Like a Man by The Four Seasons topped the US charts. Do you know the lyrics? Do you know the tune? Sing along.

Oh, how you tried to cut me down to size
Tellin' dirty lies to my friends
But my own father said "Give her up, don't bother
The world isn't comin' to an end"

There's a kid outside, shouting, playing. It doesn't care about time. It doesn't know about time. It shouts and it plays and thinks time is forever. You were once that kid.
When you were 8, there was The Million Dollar Duck. When you were 7, there was a Disney movie out called The Aristocats. Does this ring a bell?

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... it's 1963. There's TV noise coming from the second floor. Someone turned up the volume way too high. The sun is burning from above. These were different times. The show playing on TV is Search for Tomorrow. The sun goes down. Someone switches channels. There's Mister Ed on now. That's the world you were born in.

Progress, year after year. Do you wonder where the world is heading towards? The technology available today would have blown your mind in 1963. Do you know what was invented in the year you were born? The Computer Mouse.

I find it to be magical
I feel like I'm loving you in 1963
Flowers in my hair, now
Little bitty hearts upon my cheek
Baby, you'll be on my mind
Till I kiss you next time

That's from the song 1963 by Rachael Yamagata.
In 1963, a new character entered the world of comic books: Cyclops. Bang! Boom! But that's just fiction, right? In the real world, in 1963, Mike Myers was born. And Tori Amos. Helen Hunt, too. And you, of course. Everyone an individual. Everyone special. Everyone taking a different path through life.

It's 2010.
The world is a different place.
What path have you taken?

Click here : What happened in your birth year.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday Round 7

The letter Q.

Q.... is for Quotation

So here are the quotations that I found today.

A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness.
By: Elsa Schiaparalli (1890 – 1973)

Cookery cannot be done like pharmacy: the Pharmacist is obliged to weigh every ingredient that he employs, as he does not like to taste it; the Cook, on the contrary, must taste often, as the reduction increases the flavor.
By: Louis Eustache Ude (French Chef)

Cooking is a combination of science, art, invention…it calls for individual taste and latitude in adjustment of the formulae. There is another word to be underlines – taste – taste of course in both its meanings.
By: Constance Spry ( 1886 – 1960)

A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong.
By: Thomas Szasz (1920 -)

A child deserves the maximum respect; if you ever have something disgraceful in mind, don’t ignore your son’s tender years.
By: Juvenal

A man may build himself a throne of bayonets, but he cannot sit on it.
By: William Ralph Inge (1860 – 1954)

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
By: Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)

And yet the wiser mind…Mourns less for what age takes away…Than what it leaves behind.
By: William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850)

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

A bad workman always blames his tools.

Happy ABC Wednesday everyone. Thanks to Denise Nesbitt and her team for hosting this educational meme every Wednesday.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blue Monday - Mall

The SM Mall here in Davao, Philippines. This is my entry for today's meme. Thanks again to Smiling Sally for hosting this meme every Monday.

Back  view of SM Mall, Davao

Front view of SM Mall, Davao

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kids are back to school.

After almost two weeks semester break, students were back to school a few days ago from nursery to college. Are they happy? Well, I guess some of them are excited to go back at school but some are not especially to those who are not interested to go to school. I am lucky because my kids like to go to school. They are both dedicated to their studies. I don’t need to convince them to study hard for they both like to be recognized at school for being a good student. My eldest son is my youngest son role model. He likes to be like his big brother. That is why when Janjan, my youngest, has school homework’s, he rather asked help from his big brother than asking help from me. They are best friends when it comes to their studies but great enemy when playing their playstation or online games like warrock because Jason, my eldest always won the game, and you will hear Janjan is crying again. Ha ha.

How about you guys? Are your kids interested to go to school? If not, how will you convince them that school is important?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday 9 - Watching the Wheels

Saturday 9: Watching the Wheels

1. What do you see when you are watching the wheels go round?
Ans: A happy kids riding their toy cars.

2. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones?
Ans: Yes, our local version of Big Brother and Survivor.

3. What's your favorite all time reality show?
Ans: Pinoy Big Brother

4. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked?
Ans: Partly real and partly fake and they have a rehearsals.

5. What does your personal neon sign say to the world?
Ans: Time is Gold.

6. Ever seen a neon sign with certain letters burned out so that it said something unintended?
Ans:.I saw a neon signs at the food court and its says “Hot Place”. All their foods are hot and spicy.

7. What gives you a headache? Could be a scent, a sound, someone's actions - anything.
Ans: Scent especially a very strong scent.

8. What song, artist or album in your music collection would you pull out and play if you wanted to give your roommate/neighbors a huge, head-splitting headache?
Ans: Hahaha..I will play my father’s favorite Visayan song. Our neighbors hate it because it’s an old song but my father loves it.

9. What do you do to relieve stress?
Ans: I’ll close the windows; turn on the air conditioner, lock the bedroom’s door and sleep. I will tell them not to disturb me while I am sleeping.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Online Advertising helps people to do more and better business.

A few years ago, my cousin, a financial consultant, bought a Toshiba laptop, so he could work while stuck in traffic. The computer was fine, but he had to use cords and a cell phone each time he wanted the Internet. He found exactly what he needed when he bought the IPAQ, a pocket PC that connected to the Internet wirelessly whenever he was. He said, it really changed the way he conducted his business when he had those gadgets. He’s a busy man; he got a lot of work because the company found a dependable, trusted online advertising. If I will be rich and have my own business, I would like to get WebVisible too because I believe that it will help my business to grow faster.

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. Sometimes, when need a space.

2. I am totally interested to know about the whole thing.

3. Small appreciation from my mother is a lot to me.

4. Listening a gospel song is very enlightening.

5. I keep meaning to blog hop everyday, but sometimes my internet connection didn’t cooperate.

6. I am not finish sorting out our old clothes yet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop before going to bed, tomorrow my plans include doing the house chores, going to the supermarket later in the afternoon and blogging at night and Sunday, I want to relax, sleep or sing to my karaoke!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nostalgic Thursday


Hallelujah, I thought I will wait for 24 hours before my internet connection be fixed, but it is working now. When I connected my computer to my ISP this morning, I always got a message "connect PPP failed". I had tried so many times, but it was still the same. So I decided to call my ISP. The company told me that there was a technical problem, and they are trying to fix it within 24 hours. I am glad that when I checked this afternoon, the connection is back.

Anyhow, today is our Nostalgic Meme, I thought I can't join this today. I even left a message to Rose, the host of this meme that I can't join today for I don't have I/C. I am sure Rose will be happy if she will see my entry today. Well, here's my entry today. If you are my frequent reader, you probably read the "Light, Camera, Action". It was my entry a few months ago, but there were no pictures on that entry. Now, here are the pictures that you were asking before.

Me and Ruffa

Me and Robin on Maricel Drama Special

Me when I was younger, the frustrated singer and

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ABC Wednesday - for Pool

Thanks to Denise Nesbitt and her team for hosting this meme every Wednesday. What's on P? Here's mine now. for Pool.

We all love swimming at the pool especially the kids. These were taken on my son's birthday this year. The kids didn't mind the heat of the sun. They love it, but after the whole day swimming, they were all dead tired.

my nephew jumping on the water

my two cute nieces

me and the birthday boy

my two sons, cousin and her son, and my niece

my nephew, birthday boy, and my eldest

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blue Monday - Fishermen and thier fishing boats

These are our small time fishermen. These are the people who live by the sea. They have bigger boats with cover to protect them from rains. I guess, some of them have a small house at the sea shore. Anyhow, this is my entry for today. For more BM entries, visit Smiling Sally now.