Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday 9: Friends, Again

1. Do you make and keep friends easily?
Ans: I can make friends easily but it will take time before I will keep them. I just want to make sure that they are worth to keep.

2. Who was your very first friend?
Ans: Her name is Marissa but I have not seen her for a decade now.

3. Who has been your friend the longest now?
Ans: My friends in Manila and even if I am here in Davao for almost 5 years now, we still have a good communication thru texting, talking on landline phone and on FB.

4. Tell us about your best friend.
Ans: She’s funny like me, very generous, hardworking, she loves her family, she shares her problems with me and she’s very thoughtful.

5. Tell us about the friend who gets on your nerves the most, and why.
Ans: Oh, her name is Remy. I am always her victim. She invited me to dine anywhere, and then when the bill is coming, it is me who will pay the bill. But I learned my lesson now. Whenever she invited me again, I make sure that she will pay for it and not me. In fairness to her, she’s nice and helpful.

6. Tell us about the last time you let a friend down.
Ans: Last month, I was in Manila and I was invited by my friend to attend her daughter’s civil wedding but I can’t because it was also the day of our flight back to Davao and I can’t rebook our ticket.

7. Tell us about the last wonderful thing a friend did for you!
Ans: She let me borrow her car and the driver when we were in Manila for less than a week. Thanks to you Liz.

8. What was the last 'friend' thing you did?
Ans: Only yesterday, my friend here in Davao needs to go to work for she is on a night shift but her husband didn’t arrive yet, so I nanny her 9 months old twins for a couple of hours. My friend left at 4 in the afternoon and the husband got home at 9 in the evening.

9. Have your ever been jealous of a friend's S/O?
Ans: Sorry, what’s S/O? But anyway, I have never been jealous of my friend’s luck. If she’s happy, I will be happy too, if she’s sad, I am sad too.

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Have a great weekend everyone!