Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nostalgic Thursday - Childhood Days


I was absent last week lol. Thanks to Pretty Rose again for hosting this meme every Thursday.

Why don’t you run along, climb trees or chase dragonflies outside? I once told my eldest son when he was the same age with Janjan. A gale had knocked down our TV antenna and he could not watch his favorite afternoon program. He looked at me as though I had fallen from outer space. My children, especially my first son, do not do kid’s stuff like climb trees, fly kites, collect bugs, swim in ditches, run naked in the rain, or walk barefoot on the grass. It is because we live on the 4th floor of an apartment building on a crowded street in Quiapo, way back early 80’s.

My children ride escalators instead of climbing trees. They frolic in swimming pools instead of rain puddles. They collect posters, stickers and electronic toy cars instead of bugs and bottlecups. Most of the time, they sit in a corner of our living room watching television. They sit and watch life happen instead of going out to live it. I blame myself for much of their loss. Instead of taking them to the hills and the rivers (my grandparents farm), I take them to supermarkets and department stores. Instead of teaching them to listen to the song of birds and the laughter of a brook, I buy them walkman or MP3. Instead of going out with them to look for guavas, I buy them apples from the fruitstand. It is more convenient that way ---for me.

When I was a kid, I don’t have those things that I bought for them. I couldn’t even remember if I have a doll. We were poor and my parents were just contented of the lives that we had. They had no ambitions for their children. Eating 3 times a day was just enough for them. They were not interested to send us to the school either. Fortunately, my mother’s sister sent me to the school in exchange of helping her in their house and store. If I would recall all my childhood days, I could tell that I was less fortunate child for I don’t have a chance to enjoy my life as a child. Now that I have children, even if we are not rich, my children are lucky for they don’t experience the life that I had when I was a kid.