Saturday, October 9, 2010

Musical Christmas Cards at the Mall

Yesterday, we were at the mall with my youngest son just to buy his school project. We headed to the bookstore, and fortunately I got all the things that my son needs for his project. While I was walking around the bookstore, it caught to my eyes the gorgeous Christmas decors hanging on the ceiling and there were new lovely Christmas Cards displayed on every rack. Actually, I bought three musical Christmas Cards, and probably I will send it on the first day of December just to make sure that the recipient will receive it on or before Christmas Day. Obviously, the recipient is living outside Philippines. Anyhow, as soon as we got out from the bookstore, Janjan, my son asked if he can play on the animal toy ride first before we eat because I told him earlier that we will eat after getting all his stuff for school. To cut a long story short, I allowed him to play for 10 minutes ride only and then afterward, we ate at Dunkin Donut this time.