Sunday, October 10, 2010

Business Photography and Printing

Photography is a lucrative part-time business because your job essentially is finished when the coverage or shoot is over. A transaction with one client can be over in one day and you can move on to another client and another shoot. Obviously, photographic equipment and knowledge of picture taking are all you need to start this kind of business. Full-time photographers usually have more equipment such as two or more cameras, extra stand-alone lights, digital cameras and laptops. For simple event's coverage, however, a good high-quality camera with a flash will set you back at least five figures I guess. You may also want to invest in a photo printing business, especially if you don’t have your own studio. Customers for photography vary, and may include anybody who hosts a birthday party, bingo social, baptism, and other events. The only trick impresses them with your work is when you make them look good.