Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 9: Just Like Me

1. Who in your life do you think behaves and thinks the most like you do?
Ans: My Aunt, my mom’s sister but she’s now with our creator.

2. As a kid, were you ever wrongly accused (and punished, if it went that far) for something you didn't do? If so, what was it? What happened?
Ans: Yes, I am the eldest and I took care of my brother but he was a naughty boy and it was me who got punished whenever he did something bad in your house.

3. What about as an adult, were you ever wrongly accused for something you didn't do?? Do you think it's worse to be accused as a child or an adult? Why/why not?
Ans: Yes, when I was working but I managed to clean my reputation. It is hard if you are adult because you can’t easily forget it. Unlike the child, they didn’t take it seriously.

3. What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?
Ans: Storm in Manila and there was a flood in our place.

4. If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be and why?
Ans: Sweden for there is a job waiting for me there.

5. Instead of going to work Monday, if you could spend the entire day doing something else--any one or two things that you absolutely love doing--what would you do?
Ans: If no school, I would rather go the beach but if the sun is so hot, I would rather stay inside the house and play on FB.

6. What sites (other than meme sites) do you use most to help you post on your blog?
Ans: Facebook and Twitter

7. Check out a post on your blog from six months ago (March 2010) and tell us what is different now about your blog and/or life?
Ans: Waaaa…you reminded me the saddest month of this blog for I lost my PR 3.

8. What was the last photograph you took?
Ans: This one…but dunno if it is the praying mantis. I saw this last Sunday when I attended mass at the Shrine.

9. Which fashion trend do you believe is the most horrendous and why?
Ans: When a man wearing a pants and he’s showing the crack. Why? Because when he farts, it will easily explode. lol