Sunday, September 12, 2010

Printing Press Business

My aunt is a banker five days a week, but after office hours and on weekends, she helps run their printing services that she and her husband had put up in 1996. Their company is a small printing establishment that concentrates on commercial printing and design services and recently they added custom printing business cards. There are many printing presses in the metropolis, but printing requirements just keep on going, and that makes it a good opportunity to them.

I could remember that my aunt started with one used printing machine and if orders were bulked, they asked for a subcontractor to do the job. The couples are now in their late 50’s but no one of their children wants to follow their business once they retired. My cousins are not interested in their business. I sometimes made a joke to my aunt that if my cousins don’t like to continue the business when they retire, then I will volunteer myself, but I need first their guidance, since I have no idea about running a printing press business.