Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nostaligia Thursday - Photograph


The Dias Family...Greg and Dhemz, Buddy and Akesha

Last week I was not able to post my entry. I had no time to write any article for my blogs because it was my son’s periodical test. Everyday we reviewed his lessons. Aside from his school periodical test, I also had bad internet connections. I went to internet cafĂ© just to post an article. Anyhow here’s my short entry for this week.

This Mom’s Place blog was created in December 2008. A few months later, I gained lots of friends and one of them designed my blog’s template for no cost at all. She also designed my badges, and when ever I got trouble with my blogs, she’s the one who always there for me. Last Christmas, she sent me a gift, so sweet, as sweet as those chocolates she sent. She also included her family picture and this family picture of her is the most important and memorable to me. I will bring this picture, wherever I go. Janjan loves the picture too because of Buddy and Akesha lol. He said Buddy is handsome and Akesha is pretty. Wow! I have no idea what’s in his mind when he was looking at the picture. I am very thankful that I met this lovely young mother inside and outside here in the blogsophere. I just wish I will meet her and her family in the future. And this person is no other than, author of My Life Perception and Inspiration, The Dias Family, Savour ‘d Flavour, and more. Her name is Dhemz. And to Dhemz, hugs and kisses from me! 2 thumbs up for you!

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