Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nostalia Thursday


I had mentioned already here that we were in Manila two weeks ago. On the 3rd day that we were there, I went to Philippine Stock Exchange Center in Ortigas alone (minus Janjan) for I have an important thing to do on that place. I was glad that when I was there, the person whom I was looking for was there, and we ended up our conversation with a great smile. After my transaction with her, I headed to SM Megamall, a few meters where I was. Since, it was lunch time already; I was so excited to visit the small food outlet at the supermarket section. I was surprised that the food store that I used to eat when I was working on that place was still existed. The costs of their foods are just enough for the ordinary employees of the mall. Probably, this could be the reason why the store lasted for a decade now.

I ate, and I went inside at the supermarket, department store, shoe store, my favorite Manels, Cinderella boutique, SPIRIT, to name a few. I also went up on the 5th floor because I had planned to rebook our ticket back to Davao but the airline office told me that I can only rebook my ticket two days before departure time. Sigh! I was late because we will fly the next day back to Davao. Nevertheless, I still had great time on that day for I could see once again the place where I used to be from Monday to Saturday. It was nice to recall the days when I always in a hurry on getting in and out of the mall every day. That after work, I will get a FX ride (sort of Taxi, but it has 8 to 10 passengers inside), or a jeepney ride.

Anyhow, thanks to pretty Rose again for reminding me, and for hosting this exciting life story Meme. Lol