Sunday, September 12, 2010

I know God Knows Best

I had an interview a few days ago and I am not sure if I pass or not but the result will take a couple of months. All I can do for now is to wait and pray for a positive result. So, here is my prayer and I hope you will include me on your prayer too.

Lord, stay close by when showers fall
Upon the plans we make;
Help us to always understand
It's You who gives and takes.
For Your ways are not our ways
And our thoughts are not Yours;
Our plans are sometimes foolish,
But Yours are always sure.

Lord, lift us up when showers fall
On plans we thought profound;
Help us to somehow realize
Our plans aren't always sound
To finite minds, we must confess,
They seem to meet the test,
But help us, Lord, to understand
It's You who knows what's best.