Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Papa

Today is my Papa's birthday. He is now 72 years old but he is still acting like 27 years old. Nobody can tell his real age for he looks younger than his age. He likes wearing blue jeans and T-shirt. He loves perfume, movies, mahjong and tong-its (card game). Sorry guys, I can't find pictures of my father here. He has lots of pictures but I don't have scanner. Anyway, here's my simple greetings to my Papa.

Happy, Happy birthday to my papa. To be honest, I didn't greet him personally for he will not appreciate it if it is not followed by "cash" on hand. lol. I just wish that he has still long life to live for I still don't have money to buy his dream car, a Pajero lol. Once again, Happy Birthday Pards!