Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Monday - Look who's peeing?

It’s Blue Monday but my Monday is not blue lol. Well, as I was looking these pictures of my little naughty nephew, I can’t help myself not to laugh. This cute little boy managed himself to pee on the plant without telling anybody that he wanted to pee. We were not aware that he had planned to pee on the plant pot. He was at the pool with his cousins when he suddenly got out from the water and walked straight to the plant. It was too late then when the mother of my nephew shouted him not to pee on the plant. He just answered, “nahhhh” (no), so Jason, my son grabbed the camera and took him pictures. His brother scared him that there was a police ready to pick him up because of what he did to the plant. He was looking around but he didn’t see any police car so he ran back to the pool. What can you say about my nephew? Is he a naughty boy or not?

Hey! little boy, what are you doing there?

He was looking for a cop here, lol.

Thanks to Smiling Sally for this meme and if you would like to join or wants to see more Blue photos, visit her now and enjoy.