Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ABC Wednesday - Caterpillar

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My mother really got mad of this little creature for they eat all the lovely plants of my mother. There are times that they are plenty in the garden. I hate them also.

When ever I saw this yucky caterpillar, my spirit will fly away. My niece was also scared of this. She will yell on top of her lungs when ever she saw this crawling.

Well, as I was typing this, my skin hairs are all standing weww!! Help!!. But there are also people who are not scared of this creature.

Our young neighbor, she will just pick it up one by one and never got scared. She sometimes put it in her palm and acted like she wants to eat it.

We were all screaming when she did this. She let the caterpillar crawled in her palm, so yucky but for her, it is a pleasure….waaaa no way! Never mind, I would rather like to climb on the coconut tree than touching even the tip of the caterpillar skin…

Thanks to ABC Wednesday Team for continuously hosting this meme every week.