Sunday, July 25, 2010

Parental Help Leads to Better Students

The educational advancement of grade-school children is the sole responsibility of the school and teachers, right?

Wrong! It is because the parental or home involvement greatly improves the academic achievement level of elementary-school children, particularly in the mastery of the tree R’s (reading, writing and ‘rithmetic).

In the study, pupils from grades one to six who receive parental guidance and support in their tests studies at home did better in tests and recitation than their counterparts who were left alone at home by their parents or other members of the family.

Parental activities may come in the form of parents or older siblings encouraging diligent study by the youngsters; helping them in their difficult homework; providing the grade-schoolers incentives when they submit high grades in examinations or perform well in extracurricular work; parental supervision of their home study-periods, nurturing their curiosity, creativity and self-confidence; helping them understand that learning can be achieved through intellectual and moral integrity.

These are my secrets why my two kids are always on the top 5 lists. I am more than a teacher in our house but I will see to it that they have time to play after our studies.