Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old clothes for the mountain people .

I need a coffee break. I was so tired of segregating the old clothes of Janjan because my mother was asking for our clothes that we didn't wear it anymore. Every year, my mother gave our old clothes or not actually old, but as long as we didn’t like it anymore, to the mountain people or native people here in our place. Next month, Davao is celebrating our Kadayawan Festival and that’s the time that our native people will come down from the mountain just to ask clothes to the people. That is why I am looking for older clothes in our cabinet.

I saw the batman and spiderman costumes of Janjan, so I included it to the box since Janjan can’t wear it for it is too small for him now. He wants to have the Costume Kingdom , but I know it is too early to buy it for his Halloween trick and treat at the mall. Well, since it is time for me to cook for our dinner tonight, I will continue segregating old clothes tomorrow I hope until the box is full. How about you guys, do you have old clothes there that you want to dispose, then send it to me, so I can give these to our native people here in our place.