Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nostalgia Thursday - My embarrassing experiences


What will you do if you are in the bus traveling hundred miles and suddenly, you have the stomach ache, but it is not an ordinary stomach ache? It is the result of the food you ate, and it was not properly digested. Will you ask the driver to stop the bus to the nearest place where there is a toilet? And if he refused, will you tell him that you will do poop (sorry if you’re eating or drinking) beside him if he will not cooperate? Yes, I did all that waaaaaa. It was embarrassing and yet I need to do that because if not, I probably release those entire unfavorable things and smell inside the bus. Lol. Lesson I have learned: I will not eat too much when traveling by bus or train because there was no built-in toilet inside.

What will you do if somebody wrote you a short note and telling you that your zipper at the back was unzipped? Will you thank her/him or just ignore the note. Yes, it happens to me inside the jeepney while I was on my way to work. It was a young man who wrote me and handed a small white paper. He wrote this way “Ma’am, kita po ang panty nyo kasi bukas po and zipper nyo sa likod” (Ma’am your underwear is showing because your zipper at the back is open.). As soon as I read the word “bukas” or open, I remember that I went to the toilet before I leave the house, so I hurriedly zipped it and thanking the young man, although the way he wrote was actually annoyed me. Lesson that I have learned: Face at the whole body mirror and check if everything is okay before leaving the house. Half-body mirror will do.

What will you do when you are very hungry and the fast food counters have long lines? Will you walk to the drive through area and order your food? Yes, I did it too lol. It was the school lunch break, and I need to bring food for my son. So, when I saw that the lines were long, I hurriedly went to the drive thru and ordered the food on a small rectangular box where you can hear the voice of the order taker. After giving my order, I walked to the small window, and I asked for my order. The young woman was looking around or probably was looking for my car. I told her that I just walk because the lines inside were long and at least on drive thru, it was empty. lol. Well, she probably can’t believe that somebody ordered a food in a drive thru without a car, but on the other hand; it was still a sale to the company. Did I violate something or not?

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