Saturday, July 10, 2010

Janjan's birthday

On Thursday, July 8 was Janjan’s birthday. We held his birthday to a resort where you can swim to the sea or pool. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my digital camera because I thought my oldest son had brought the digi-camera with him. I was still writing here when they kept on calling me to stop blogging because they were all inside my aunt’s van. So, after writing a message for Janjan, I just pick up my things and run to the van. The place was already set up when we got there. We just put our foods on the table and gathered all the kids for the little show or program.

The kids were not interested on the show and even Janjan. They wanted to jump right away on the blue water pool. When the program had started, that was the time I remember the camera. I asked Jason if he had the camera, but he said no, and he thought that I brought the camera. I told him to go home just to get the camera, but actually we have no time anymore to get it because the program had already started. So, I told my son to get it perhaps after eating. Well, my aunt has a camera so we still have pictures while the kids had a little show. If I get a chance to go to their house, I will borrow the chip, so I can view or save it here to my computer. The sun was so hot, but they just ignored and didn't mind it all. They enjoyed the splashed of the blue water and of course, Janjan was the happiest of them all.