I was crying.....

I was crying so hard awhile ago while I was in the kitchen. Yes it’s true and I can’t help myself to stop crying. Well, I was just crying silently and nobody knows here that I was crying, and the tears to my eyes were like a river that will never stop flowing. How many times did I promise myself not to do this again but here I am, I was chopping again this darn red onion because I was cooking our food for tonight’s dinner. I supposed not to include this to my menu for tonight but I felt that if I will not put onions as one of the ingredients, it is like bathing without scrubbing lol so I decided to put some onions on it. But as soon as I cut the onion, the strong smell and the gas of it made me cry without any reasons. How about you guys, are you strong enough to cut an onions without any tears? Do you cry when you slice or cut it? Sometimes I was thinking that I will wear goggles when I cut onion.

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