Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am tired and I need a body massage. myspace graphic comments

Hello guys!

Now I am terribly tired from my laundry today. How many loads did I make today, five to six loads I think? Oh, wait, may I explain why I am so tired. Our washing machine is not the same with your washing machine I think. I only put the dirty clothes in it if I am spinning with laundry soap and take out after spinning and washing or rinsing by hand. If the weather is good, I will hang it outside but if there’s a rain, I will use the dryer. Do you like that? That is why my arms and back are in pain now. I need a body massage. Waaaa. Hu hu hu.

Well, I can't blog hop tonight, I am really tired. I promise to do it tomorrow, promise.

Have a great weekend everyone!