Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to my son


Nine candles glowing on a cake of delight and still you act like a baby. I know you are just spoiled Janjan and some people didn’t understand me why I treated you that way. There was a one man telling me that you are like a husband and not a son, that was hurting but I would rather choose you than anybody because they don’t have any idea how I carried you to my womb just to survive. I was glad that you came out in this world without any signs of a sick baby. You also fight for your life when you were in my womb despite of all the problems that I had. And now you are 9 year old young smart little man. I would like to say Thank you for not giving me hard times on your studies ever since you went to school. You are always on the top lists and I am certainly proud mother. Hoping your birthday shines sunny and bright, no rains just like last night. I wish you all the best in life, good health, and 'wag ng makulit anak, Ok? Just enjoy your day and I love you so much my little man.

Happy, happy birthday again John Clark a.k.a Janjan.