Thursday, July 1, 2010

ABC Wednesday - X

Well, it’s ABC Wednesday again and this time we are on letter X. The last time that we had this letter, I posted X-ray. It was actually the x-ray result of my father and since I have no idea today on what are the things that start with letter X, I decided to google it and these are the words that I found through wikipedia.

So X… for Xenophile, Xenophobe, Xenophobia.

xenophile (plural xenophiles)

1. A person infatuated with foreign people and culture.
2. A person very interested in celebrating people's differences.

xenophobe (plural xenophobes)

1. One who fears that which is unknown; one who fears people who are different from oneself, especially in the case of foreign people

xenophobia (plural xenophobias)

1. An exaggerated or abnormal fear of strangers or foreigners.
2. A strong antipathy or aversion to strangers or foreigners.

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