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I am tired and I need a body massage.

Hello guys!

Now I am terribly tired from my laundry today. How many loads did I make today, five to six loads I think? Oh, wait, may I explain why I am so tired. Our washing machine is not the same with your washing machine I think. I only put the dirty clothes in it if I am spinning with laundry soap and take out after spinning and washing or rinsing by hand. If the weather is good, I will hang it outside but if there’s a rain, I will use the dryer. Do you like that? That is why my arms and back are in pain now. I need a body massage. Waaaa. Hu hu hu.

Well, I can't blog hop tonight, I am really tired. I promise to do it tomorrow, promise.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. I'm going to reciprocate all the people who grab my badge, followed my GN and NB.
2. I climbed at Mt. Apo when I was in high school and it was extremely adventure and daring.

3. Perhaps today you can make it a point that everything will be alright.

4. My brother is a true adventurer’s spirit.

5. Compassion is a grateful attitude.

6. You should be concentrated on your studies no matter how difficult it is.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blog hop, tomorrow my plans include laundryagain (wanna help?) and Sunday, I want to create another blog, wow!

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Have a great weekend everyone.

Nostalgia Thursday

It’s time for our Nostalgia meme once again. Thanks to Pretty Rose for reminding me this meme lol. She is also the host of this exciting, exhilarating, thrilling, electrifying meme.

At the age of 16 years old, I was diagnosed having an acute anemia that will lead to cancer of the blood or leukemia if it was not treated immediately. I had a blood transfusion for three consecutive months. I stayed at the hospital for a month. It was not easy to have a blood transfusion. My veins were swelling after the transfusion. I felt dizzy too when the blood started to circulate. If the doctor will request again for a blood, my friend and my aunt will go to our neighbors and asked them if they could donate a blood.

Requesting a blood from the blood bank was free but you need to replace the blood you requested, that is why the people who cares for me, help each other to look for blood donors. I thought I would die on that age because while doing the transfusion, I also had the small tube inserted…

ABC Wednesday - B is for Boracay

It’s time for our ABC Wednesday meme. So, we are now on the 2nd alphabet for this round. Get your dictionary now or dig your photos from your folder and look for the word that starts with letter “B”. Here is mine now.

B……is for Boracay.

Boracay is our famous beach resort here in the Philippines. White fine sand beach is one of the outstanding features of this place. Boracay is the perfect place for adventurous travelers and couples looking to experience a scenic, unique and peaceful place. You can also see here the most beautiful Boracay sunset. Truly a breath-taking experience one can look forward to each day.

Do you want to see more entries? Visit ABC Wednesday or click the badge above. Enjoy and have a great day everyone.

Post It Note Tuesday


Treat our elderly disabled family more graciously.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who among of you knows about NMEDA, for those who do not know, NMEDA is a non-profit association which helps consumers to educate on buying products from a NMEDA qualified dealer. This association does not selling anything; they only promote safe driving and equipment for disable people. NMEDA dealers, also a member of this association, is the one who sells handicap vans and vehicle modifications for disabled people and these dealers are strictly abided to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. NMEDA has their own dealers and Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers.

The Quality Assurance Program or QAP is the sole nationally acknowledged accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry. The basic standard rule for a company to qualify, companies must have a systematic and documented approach with the purpose of satisfying the customers consist…

Parental Help Leads to Better Students

The educational advancement of grade-school children is the sole responsibility of the school and teachers, right?

Wrong! It is because the parental or home involvement greatly improves the academic achievement level of elementary-school children, particularly in the mastery of the tree R’s (reading, writing and ‘rithmetic).

In the study, pupils from grades one to six who receive parental guidance and support in their tests studies at home did better in tests and recitation than their counterparts who were left alone at home by their parents or other members of the family.

Parental activities may come in the form of parents or older siblings encouraging diligent study by the youngsters; helping them in their difficult homework; providing the grade-schoolers incentives when they submit high grades in examinations or perform well in extracurricular work; parental supervision of their home study-periods, nurturing their curiosity, creativity and self-confidence; helping them understand t…

I was crying.....

I was crying so hard awhile ago while I was in the kitchen. Yes it’s true and I can’t help myself to stop crying. Well, I was just crying silently and nobody knows here that I was crying, and the tears to my eyes were like a river that will never stop flowing. How many times did I promise myself not to do this again but here I am, I was chopping again this darn red onion because I was cooking our food for tonight’s dinner. I supposed not to include this to my menu for tonight but I felt that if I will not put onions as one of the ingredients, it is like bathing without scrubbing lol so I decided to put some onions on it. But as soon as I cut the onion, the strong smell and the gas of it made me cry without any reasons. How about you guys, are you strong enough to cut an onions without any tears? Do you cry when you slice or cut it? Sometimes I was thinking that I will wear goggles when I cut onion.

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. I feel you are trying to hide something to me.

2. I still have lots of errands to catch up.

3. Do your best and I will be happy son.

4. Jason, your talent is completely unique.

5. It's hard to know how much I care for you Janjan but…

6.Shee could swim at the pool if she  follows suit.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to talk to my friend, tomorrow my plans include doing house chores and Sunday, I want to be free from blogging stress…give me an opps and it will be gone!

Nostalgia Thursday - Earthquake

July 16, 1990, a magnitude 7.7 quake killed nearly 2,000 people. I was on my way to the wet market in Quaipo when suddenly the ground was shaking. At first, I thought I was just dizzy or something. I continued walking but when I was near to the church, the trembled got stronger, and it was like I was walking on an inflatable ground that bounced up and down. The people were screaming, children were crying, some were praying while crying. It was truly a horrible scene. Jason at that time was 2 years old and he was in our house with his father. I tried to go back home, but I couldn’t walk anymore. My knees were trembling, my heart was over beating, and while I was looking at the frightening face of the people,I looked up the sky, and I asked the Lord, will this be the end of the world Lord? And then I cried silently, and I asked forgiveness to all my sins.

I closed my eyes while I was thinking Jason in our house, his laughter and tears, his smile on his face, his happy and sad face w…

ABC Wednesday - Avocado

Wow! It’s another round of ABC Wednesday. So come on guys, if you are not yet joining this meme, perhaps this is the right time for you to join since we are back to the first letter of the English alphabet and here is mine now.

A….is for Avocado

Avocado is one of my family’s favorite fruits. There are so many ways to eat this delicious fruit. You can make avocado salad, avocado shake, avocado sandwich, or the simplest way is just slice the avocado into cubes and add some milk and ice then eat it..hmm yummy.

Avocados are the best fruit source of vitamin E, an essential vitamin that protects against many diseases and helps maintains overall health. It is also excellent source of glutathione, an important antioxidant in preventing aging, cancer and heart disease.

Got accidents and need to ask claims?

If ever or just in case, you have been bumped into any accidents that cause injuries, or if you know somebody that has been asking for Accident Claims, you can actually get an advice for free from Accident Consult Ltd based in UK. The company has their own Personal Injury Lawyers that specializes on handling any accident claims like road accidents, construction accidents, medical negligence and even animal attack injury. You can call directly to their office for an advice. Assessment is free and it is “No win, no fee basis, and there is no extra cost on your side.

By the way, I want to thank this company for helping our family friend in UK when her daughter was hit by a car in the school. Thank you so much. Well, head on over to the link that I have provided for more information and details of this company.

Post It Note Tuesday


Blue Monday

It's Blue Monday again so here is the photo of Jason while playing on the slides at the pool. This was taken on Janjan's birthday.

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Comment on review

This is great. Based on the review, the company, Freemont Industrial Supply obtained a good reputation for being a supplier of industrial products like Electric motors. I agreed with the reviewed that by calling the company over the phone, it could be much easier and faster transactions for both parties. Well, since the review was in detailed, I would probably recommend this site to my uncle, so he can read it as well for he is the one who assigned to look for industrial products in their company.

Durable Outdoor Signs for Your Business

If you are involved in a business, whether small or big, your outdoor sign is your first resource to attract customer’s attention. It should be sufficiently bright and at the same time, it should be informative so that the prospective customers will know your product and/or services. Nonetheless, when putting an outdoor sign, there are things that you should consider to avoid accidents or any possible risks. The material to be used must be durable, safe and as much as possible, it has a long life.

Most of the outdoor signs you can see nowadays are made of aluminum because aluminum signs are safe for it is light weight and cannot be easily damage by any seasons like rains. If you are looking for a durable outdoor signs whether aluminum sign or steel signs, Frick & Company is offering their product and services to the market. The company will help you to construct your desired design, graphics and materials to be needed for your outdoor signs. The company, likewise, follow the s…

Gadgets and Tech’s First Annual Phone Raffle Contest

Hey, how would you like to win a brand new Samsung GT-E1175T phone with warranty until July 15, 2011 and a Php. 2,000 gift card from Power Mac Center.

Yes, Gadget and Tech is now officially hosting this giveaway and will end on July 31, 2010. This giveaway is open to all bloggers here in the Philippines with a Facebook account. For more information and details, visit Gadget and Tech 1st Annual Phone Raffle Contest. Join now, who knows, you will be the lucky winner of this giveaway.

I know what they were watching.

I hardly ever watch television but last night I just happened to see. Our TV stays on almost all day but I hardly ever watch it. Hey, I only watch TV for the news. Have you ever noticed how people hate to admit how much TV or just which programs they actually watch? Then why do most homes, including the lowest socioeconomic groups, have at least one and two or more television sets? The new couple, when they started to build their home, television is on top of their lists. Well, one thing for sure, the Filipino audience watches mostly entertainment programs. My youngest son watches TV at least two hours on weekdays and three to four hours on weekends. He sometimes also spends more time watching television than studying, playing or interacting with other kids. Well, that is okay with me as long as I know what they were watching.

Friday Fill-Ins

Image we go!

1. This is what life does. It lets you up and down.

2. Whenever your love ones prepare a candle light dinner, do you appreciate the moment?

3. Upon reflection of being a good wife, and a good mother is admirable.

4. I haven’t seen my best friend for quite a long time.

5. Later, you wake up late because it’s Saturday tomorrow and that means no school.

6. I sometimes love to watch the ocean to the far and boundless sea.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to rest early I hope, tomorrow my plans include shopping, no, just kidding, and Sunday, I want to go to my cousin’s house.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Nostalgia Thursday - My embarrassing experiences

What will you do if you are in the bus traveling hundred miles and suddenly, you have the stomach ache, but it is not an ordinary stomach ache? It is the result of the food you ate, and it was not properly digested. Will you ask the driver to stop the bus to the nearest place where there is a toilet? And if he refused, will you tell him that you will do poop (sorry if you’re eating or drinking) beside him if he will not cooperate? Yes, I did all that waaaaaa. It was embarrassing and yet I need to do that because if not, I probably release those entire unfavorable things and smell inside the bus. Lol. Lesson I have learned: I will not eat too much when traveling by bus or train because there was no built-in toilet inside.

What will you do if somebody wrote you a short note and telling you that your zipper at the back was unzipped? Will you thank her/him or just ignore the note. Yes, it happens to me inside the jeepney while I was on my way to work. It was a young man who wrote m…

Old clothes for the mountain people .

I need a coffee break. I was so tired of segregating the old clothes of Janjan because my mother was asking for our clothes that we didn't wear it anymore. Every year, my mother gave our old clothes or not actually old, but as long as we didn’t like it anymore, to the mountain people or native people here in our place. Next month, Davao is celebrating our Kadayawan Festival and that’s the time that our native people will come down from the mountain just to ask clothes to the people. That is why I am looking for older clothes in our cabinet.

I saw the batman and spiderman costumes of Janjan, so I included it to the box since Janjan can’t wear it for it is too small for him now. He wants to have the Costume Kingdom , but I know it is too early to buy it for his Halloween trick and treat at the mall. Well, since it is time for me to cook for our dinner tonight, I will continue segregating old clothes tomorrow I hope until the box is full. How about you guys, do you have old clot…

ABC Wednesday - Z...

Wow! we are now on letter Z! The last letter of ABC Wednesday but definitely it is not the last day of ABC Wednesday. Congratulations to the team. I am looking forward for the next round so, guys if you want to join this meme, just click the link that i have provided below this post.

So for Zigzag

You can find zigzag roads here in the Philippines. I passed this kind of road a few years back when I climbed Baguio City and when I went to my friend's place in Quezon Province. At first, it was so scary because while you were climbing, we can see the other vehicle on the side of the hill. The road was like chicken intestine and when we reached the final curved, i thank God above because i was still alive lol.

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Post It Note Tuesday


I won! I won!

Yohooo!!!! Finally, I won, I won! This is my first time to win in a giveaway contest. If you are my frequent visitor, you know that I joined so many giveaway contests but unfortunately, I didn’t get any huh! Well, today, when Dhemz, the host of this giveaway contest left a comment here asking me to visit her blog, I was so excited and at the same time nervous ha ha. So, I headed to her site and yohooo!!! I saw my blog url there ha ha. This is not actually a big contest with a big prize but the thought of winning the game it seems like I win in a jackpot lotto haha. Anyhow, thank you Dhemz for this game, and I am looking forward to another game on your blogs. Muahh!

A Blog with Substance Award

Wow, two friends of mine here in the blogosphere shared this Substance award to me. Huge thanks to Shydub of Milestones of J & J and Chie Wilks of Chuchie Hideway for giving this award to me. Dunno if I deserve this ha ha.

My blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words


The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
2. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five (5) words.
3. Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance

Now I am passing this award to: Cacai, Anygen, Dhemz, Vernz, Rose, Lulu, Josie, Bingkee, David Funk, and Hopeful

Janjan's birthday

On Thursday, July 8 was Janjan’s birthday. We held his birthday to a resort where you can swim to the sea or pool. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my digital camera because I thought my oldest son had brought the digi-camera with him. I was still writing here when they kept on calling me to stop blogging because they were all inside my aunt’s van. So, after writing a message for Janjan, I just pick up my things and run to the van. The place was already set up when we got there. We just put our foods on the table and gathered all the kids for the little show or program.

The kids were not interested on the show and even Janjan. They wanted to jump right away on the blue water pool. When the program had started, that was the time I remember the camera. I asked Jason if he had the camera, but he said no, and he thought that I brought the camera. I told him to go home just to get the camera, but actually we have no time anymore to get it because the program had already started. So, I to…

Janjan's birthday with a Luau party

Yesterday, I was not able to blog hop to all my friends here in the blogoshpere because it was my youngest son’s birthday. I was supposed to write our nostalgia meme after posting my birthday greetings and wishes for him but my son bullying me to stop writing because they were all in a hurry to their luau party. It was my cousin who made the luau invitations, and I was glad that most of the invited kids with their mommies of course came to the party. The entertainment was free because it was already included to our package. I like the place for it is not crowded, even if there was another birthday party on the other side. The services were good, and most importantly, the place is safe and clean. When we got home last night, all were so exhausted and tired, but I know all of them had a wonderful day with my son’s birthday. Oh, by the way, I would like to say Thank You to Nene, my cousin, Aunt Tita and Aunt Luz for sponsoring the birthday party of Janjan.

Happy Birthday to my son


Nine candles glowing on a cake of delight and still you act like a baby. I know you are just spoiled Janjan and some people didn’t understand me why I treated you that way. There was a one man telling me that you are like a husband and not a son, that was hurting but I would rather choose you than anybody because they don’t have any idea how I carried you to my womb just to survive. I was glad that you came out in this world without any signs of a sick baby. You also fight for your life when you were in my womb despite of all the problems that I had. And now you are 9 year old young smart little man. I would like to say Thank you for not giving me hard times on your studies ever since you went to school. You are always on the top lists and I am certainly proud mother. Hoping your birthday shines sunny and bright, no rains just like last night. I wish you all the best in life, good health, and 'wag ng makulit anak, Ok? Just enjoy your day and I love…