Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Blog Award

When I open my blog this morning, I have a message from one of my friends here in the blogoshpere that she has an award for me. When I visited her blog, oh the award is so cute. Thank you Christina for giving this Sweet Blog Award to me. It is really great to receive an award from you. Dagahang Salamat kaayo. (Thank you very much)

As a rule, I need to pass it to 10 Sweet people, and I will need to inform them about this award. I also need to include the link of the one who gave this award for me.

So, here are the 10 Sweet bloggers that I know. Can I break the rules, because they are more than 10 ha ha.

1. Dhemz
2. Anygen
3. Shy (Sweden)
4 Shy Tsang
5. Lulu
6. Chuchie
7. Tejan
8. Khim
9. Rose Cottrill
10. Bingkee

Grab your award guys!!