Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nostalgia # 2 - My First Job


It's our 2nd Nostalgia meme today, the exciting meme hosted by Rose of Nostalgia marveling and here's mine....

My First Job

After graduating from my first course, which is Secretarial (take note 1st course), I had guts to apply for a Stenographer in a law firm. Since I was a fresh graduate, my spirit was so high to get a job. I imagined myself that if I could find a job sooner, I will be wearing an office uniform and not a school uniform anymore with high heeled shoes, and sitting or working to an air condition room. There were lots of things running to my head as I was looking for a job. Finally, I received a call from a not so well-known law firm for an interview. I was so excited and at the same time, I was so nervous. Too much excitement, I was early for my appointment, so I waited for awhile at the reception area. My eyes were busy looking around the office. It was not so big, but it was properly organized. After a couple of minutes waiting, my name was called. The woman told me to go inside the glass door with curtain at the back.

There you go..carabao, horses, elephant was running to my chest. My heart was overbeating. The room was air conditioned and it was on high, but I was sweating. Nervous attacked. I prayed and I think I called all the saints that I know to help me out of my nervousness. I was told to sit down and the interviewed had started. My mouth and knees were trembling as if there was a vampire in front of me. When I had on-hand written exam as a stenographer, my fingers were stuck and it was hard for me to write a stroke. Fortunately, I was able to finish his dictation, and he asked me if I can read it back the strokes that I have written. Well, I was not the only applicant at that time, so I tried my very best to get hired. Yes, I was hired. Congratulations to me. On the first day of work, my boss told me that I should not be late to my work, and I must be one to arrive first at the office. You know why?? It is because I must make his coffee before he comes and he drinks coffee a lot so I made coffee for him a lot of times also. I asked myself then, am I a secretary or a coffee maker. Well, the answer was both.

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