Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nostalgia #1 - Childhood memories


Today is the launching day of Nostalgia Thursday meme hosted by one of my friends named Rose. I wish I can join this meme every Thursday because I don't have old pictures of myself, my kids and my friends. The old pictures that I had before was all damage due to a flood when we were still in Manila. Anyway, since today is the launching day, I don't want to miss this day because I want to be part of it. So, here is my first entry for this week meme.

When I was a kid, I never had expensive toys. I can play without toys. I played with my friends without expensive toys. What we had was we had each other.

We played taguan (hide and seek), sipa or takyan (dunno in English but this is our national game sport), chinese garter (my favorite), habulan (chasing), luksong lubid (jumping rope), piko (just hop and hop and dont step on the lines or you will be out), syatong or chato (dunno in English too). We also have games with simple objects like jackstones and pick-up sticks.

We also played bahay-bahayan, usually all girls. Running and chasing on the rain was the best game for me . We climbed on fruit trees and sometimes, we didn't ask permission from the owner of the fruit trees and that their dogs runs before us. We run as fast as we could, but we were not scared with the dog. We laughed when the dog stop chasing us.

Those were the days I could remember when I was a little girl.

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