Saturday, May 8, 2010

My lips are red and I'm lovin' it.

How is your weekend so far guys, ours is so tiring ha ha. And even I am only here in the house fixing some things, arranging the furniture, cleaning the wall frames, I still have my lipstick on ha ha. myspace graphic comments

I am a woman that I can't go out the house without a lipstick waaaa!! I tried to stop this, but it's hard to stop. I started wearing lipstick when I was in college. So, that means, it's been almost two decades now since I started wearing lipstick. The reason why I can't stop wearing lipstick because If I don't wear it, I look like a sick woman. My lips have the same color of my face, so it's all white. So, I would rather have my lipstick on than to be misconstrued that I am a sick woman.