Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Invest Your Money Wisely

I read an old news about a man who won first prize jackpot lotto here in the Philippines. He was just an ordianry man working eight hours a day in a not so big company. The first thing he did when he got his money is to buy a new house and lot for his family. He also resigned from work with the approval of his wife becuase they agreed to put up business on their own. In the beginning of the business, it was pretty good but when the business started to slow down, they were trying to look for somebody who could help them to maintain the business. The couple got so worried and they felt that the business will not last because of their Wicked Profits. I will not elaborate what happened to the business but I want to give some advice for those who wants to start a business. Just start small even if you have lots of money in the bank. It would be wise to start small and if you are still working, don't resign right away.