I was looking for my right sock.

When i woke up this morning, i was laughing so hard. Here's what had happened. Yesterday afternoon i was wearing socks because my house slippers was still wet and i can't walk on the cold floor especially on the tile floor in the kitchen. Even in our house in Davao, i never walked around the house without my house slippers. Last night, when i went to bed, i didn't remove my socks because i don't want to get up in the middle of the night and go to pee without wearing socks. This morning, when i got up from the bed but still half awake, i went straight to the toilet. While i was sitting there, i already felt that the other foot was cold and when i look at it, the left foot has sock while the right foot has none. Where's the right sock, i asked myself. I started laughing at myself then. I went back to the bedroom just to look for the other sock. Janjan was still sleeping at that time. I pulled the blanket, pillow, then i checked the foot of the bed, i can't find it. Where is the right foot sock? I asked myself again but this time i was laughing so hard. I really had no idea of the right foot sock. I was thinking of Janjan if he pulled it while i was sleeping but i don't want to wake him up just to ask about the sock. So, i decided to stop looking for it and i went to the kitchen and made my coffee. A few minutes later, Janjan woke up. I asked him about my right socks but instead of answering me, he was laughing so hard when he saw that i was wearing only one sock. He said, i was like his little cousin Thirdy that always wore one sock only. Janjan was asking me back about the right foot sock, errr...so we both now looking for sock and finally, i found it. You know where it was...it was inside the washing machine. The washing machine is in the toilet. Wow, holy cow, carabao, why the sock was there. Did i wake up last night and i put my right sock there? Gosh! I can't remember anything. Hey guys, i am not a sleepwalker so i really don't know what happened last night while i was sleeping.

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