Saturday, April 17, 2010

I was looking for my right sock.

When i woke up this morning, i was laughing so hard. Here's what had happened. Yesterday afternoon i was wearing socks because my house slippers was still wet and i can't walk on the cold floor especially on the tile floor in the kitchen. Even in our house in Davao, i never walked around the house without my house slippers. Last night, when i went to bed, i didn't remove my socks because i don't want to get up in the middle of the night and go to pee without wearing socks. This morning, when i got up from the bed but still half awake, i went straight to the toilet. While i was sitting there, i already felt that the other foot was cold and when i look at it, the left foot has sock while the right foot has none. Where's the right sock, i asked myself. I started laughing at myself then. I went back to the bedroom just to look for the other sock. Janjan was still sleeping at that time. I pulled the blanket, pillow, then i checked the foot of the bed, i can't find it. Where is the right foot sock? I asked myself again but this time i was laughing so hard. I really had no idea of the right foot sock. I was thinking of Janjan if he pulled it while i was sleeping but i don't want to wake him up just to ask about the sock. So, i decided to stop looking for it and i went to the kitchen and made my coffee. A few minutes later, Janjan woke up. I asked him about my right socks but instead of answering me, he was laughing so hard when he saw that i was wearing only one sock. He said, i was like his little cousin Thirdy that always wore one sock only. Janjan was asking me back about the right foot sock, we both now looking for sock and finally, i found it. You know where it was inside the washing machine. The washing machine is in the toilet. Wow, holy cow, carabao, why the sock was there. Did i wake up last night and i put my right sock there? Gosh! I can't remember anything. Hey guys, i am not a sleepwalker so i really don't know what happened last night while i was sleeping.