Friday, April 9, 2010

From PR of 3 To Zero

I am so disappointed today. When I opened this blog, I checked directly to my Chatbox and below this box is where my PR is located. I was terribly shocked when I saw a question mark (?) sign on it. I asked myself what happened. I thought Adgitize will help me to have visitors and get a good traffic from them. I am their advertiser for a couple of months now. Yeah I can tell that I have good traffic when I advertise with them but is it only a numbers and not real? Do you think that I will still continue my advertisement with them? I really don't understand why my PR of 3 went down to zero or has a question mark sign on it. If it is PR of 2 or 1 perhaps I would rather think that It was the result for not blogging for a week I think. Well, I went to Google already and I resubmitted my url again and I also asked for a reconsidreation of this blog. I know it will take some time before Google can make it. But in case, I can't get back my PR within a week or two, maybe it's time for me to have my own domain name.