Monday, April 26, 2010

Tag from Chuchie Wilks

Whoaa! When was the last time I received a Tag from here? I think it's been awhile now since the last time I had tag from friends. Anyway, huge thanks to Chuchie Wilks author of WhereAbouts for passing this award to me. She is one of my friends here in the blogosphere and I like her for being open to her life as a wife, friend, sister, and daughter. Visit her blog so you will know her well.

Well, here's the picture that I found but it was my son and our puppies. The puppies were sleeping at that time when Janjan asked me to take pictures of them because it is hard for them to take photos when the puppies are awake, so I hurriedly got the camera and took them a shot. Those puppies were no longer a puppies. They are big dogs now.


1.Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.
2.Tell us a little about it.
3.Tag five more players.
4.Let the fun begin!

Now I am passing this tag to:

1. Cacai of Cacai of Step's and Journey
2. Tejan of Insight
3. Shy of A Journey For Life
4. Rose of Obstacles and Glories
5. Anygen of Best Travel and Tours

Hope you will grab it ladies.