Saturday, April 10, 2010

Article Submission In The Web

I posted earlier about what had happened to my page rank. I was really disappointed about it but later I was thinking that maybe it was my fault because I am not SEO expert or perhaps I really don't know about SEO. I have tried to read about them today and I was glad that I learned a little but I need to read it over and over again to fully understand on how this SEO helps us bloggers and authors to be succesful in the blogosphere. I learned that one of the best method to succeed is to submit our article to Article directory in the web. By submitting a unique, well-written articles to article submission sites like will definitely gets more traffic to your website and with that it will also improve your page ranking too. Now that I have read about SEO today, I would definitely start submitting my article in major search engine just to get back my page rank again. So, if you would like to improve your page ranking or would like to get back your missing page rank, try to submit your articles to submission sites.