Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vehicle Insurance Policy

While my father and his friends were playing mahjong again this afternoon, one of the players suddenly shouted that he forgot something. Everybody was surprised when he shouted. My father asked him why he shouted. He was looking at his wrist watch before he answered my father. He asked then how much is the penalty for late registration of the motorcycle. My uncle who was also playing told him that for one day late, it is considered one year late so he will pay for the whole year's penalty, and if he will be caught by the traffic policemen and his vehicle registration was expired already, he might pay a higher penalty, plus his driver’s license will be kept from the Land Transportation Office. Our neighbor hurriedly stood up and ran to take care of this. He said, he needs to renew his motorcycle registration on that day and he immediately called his motor trade insurance broker to renew the policy. Well, when he came back from renewing his motorcycle, we saw him smiling.