Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Eyeglasses For Me

I have been wearing my prescribe eyeglasses for almost a year now. Although sometimes I got annoyed of wearing my eyeglasses because of the size and style of it but I have no choice. I can't work or write properly without wearing my eyeglasses. I have plan to buy another set of eyeglasses but I want a lighter weight or perhaps I will just buy frame and I will just use my old lens since it is still good for me. My friend told me that Zenni Optical has its own style of eyeglasses and yet fashionable and in a very cheap price compared to other opticals. I want to try this one since I really want to change my eyeglasses right now. I already have two small deep holes or dark marks just right above my nose near to the eyes because of the weight of my eyeglasses. So, I hope, one of these days, I will have my new set of eyeglasses.