Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Dollhouse

When I was a kid, I used to play with a toy house or playhouse. This was our favorite game with my friends and cousins. The tallest girl will act as a mother and the tallest boy will act as a father. We also have dolls that we called the babies. We arranged the playhouse, we had a kitchen, living room, dining room and we also had plastic supplies and appliances. When I was in high school already, our teacher gave us a project. She wanted us to make a dollhouse. The teacher warned us not to buy a dollhouse at the store. She wanted us to build it on our own, whether a big or small dollhouse as long as we would build it on our own. I was so excited then to make my own dollhouse. I asked money then from my father to buy the materials that I needed for my dollhouse. When I thought that I had the complete materials and dollhouse kits already, I started making my dollhouse.

My dollhouse was a two story house. On the ground floor, it was the kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room, washroom for visitors and a small room that I called “boss room” because in this room only the parents can use this room for their visitors. It also looked like an office room, that there’s a table and two chairs in front of the table and a sofa. In the kitchen, it was perfectly squared and on the center of the kitchen was the cooking table. I also put a little pantry in the kitchen area. The dish washing area had a window in front of it. In the dining room, I had a round table with six chairs and above the table was the small plastic chandelier with fan. I made the living room so beautiful. I had flower pots in every corner, a chandelier, wall frames, and a curtain for the windows and of course, a sofa. Between the kitchen and the living room were the stairs going up with handrails on both sides. On the second floor, it had three bedrooms and each room had its own bathroom. I also put a little space for entertainment with a sliding door in front of it heading to the balcony. I painted my dollhouse with white and blue color. That was my dollhouse I made when I was in high school.