Saturday, March 6, 2010

Car Title as Collateral

Have you heard about car title loan California? ? I have a family friend who is now living in California, has been there for a couple of years now. She is actually the godmother of my son named Janjan. They decided to move there because they wanted to get closer to the relatives of my friend’s husband. All of them are Filipinos. When my friend’s father got sick here in the Philippines, she wanted to go home just to be by her father’s side. She was calling from time to time here in the Philippines . She asked then to her husband if she can go home. Since her husband is also a Filipino, he understands that my friend needs to go home. But the problem is they don’t have enough money for all the expenses she might spend here in the Philippines. So, the husband decided to borrow money from car title loans in California using his car title as collateral. He was so happy when he easily got approved. They used that money for my friend’s expenses here in the Philippines and she was so thankful with this car title loans California. . A few months later, my friend sponsored her parents to come and live also in the state of California .