Monday, March 8, 2010

Blue Monday - Me and Shy

Oh I was so happy when I found this picture last night. It was me and Shy, author of A Journey For Life. This was our first meeting when she had her vacation here in the Philippines for three months. Well, she’s back now in Sweden. We ate, shopped, and we bought same style and color of high heeled shoes lol. It was really fun when we met. Shy is just a petite woman that even if she will wears three inches high heeled shoes, she is still small to my height…but gosh, her husband is 6 feet and 5 inches tall hahaha. She’s just like a baby to her husband. And to Shy, I miss you and I miss our shopping girl hehe.

Well, because today is Blue Monday, this will be my entry for this week. I was the one wearing blue Tee shirt. I would like to say Thank you again to Smiling Sally for hosting this lovely Blue Monday meme. For more blues entries, head over to Sally’s blog by clicking the link provided. Have a great Monday everyone.