Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bad Morning for me

OMG! When I got up from bed this morning, I heard the people outside very noisy but I had no idea why they were so noisy.  I went out of the room and did some morning routines.  When I opened the water faucet, OMG! no water even a single drop.  Now I understand why the people outside in our house were so noisy.  They were asking each other why we don’t have water today. What happened to us here, no water and later today, blackout again? How could you live without water and electric waaaaa!!!! I wish the authority inform the people that they are going to cut the water early in the morning today, at least we can prepare the night before they scheduled to cut the water. What a Sunday morning.  I wish the water will come back before lunch today or else we will eat at the restaurant.