Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taste Buds

My son Janjan is still absent from school. He is still sick but not really bad compared the previous days. Last night, I was happy because he ate rice with pork adobo although he kept on complaining that his taste buds still bitter. I explained to him why he had bitter tastes and I was glad that he listened to me and he continued eating. Well, guys, it was not because of the pork and beans. I went to school and I learned that the pork and beans they gave was not expired and if ever there was something wrong with the pork and beans, perhaps most of the students and teachers got sick too. So, I was convinced this and I sent Janjan to the doctor and the doctor said, it was just an ordinary fever and the doctor gave him medicine to slow down his fever. Well, this morning, he is not hot anymore but still his taste bud is bitter.

To my "anak" (son) ....GET WELL SOON ANAK....Mama loves you so much.  Heaven sent an angel for don't be scared.