Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Payment from Adgitize

Adgitize your web site.

Yesterday, I received my first payment from Adgitize as an advertiser. I was so happy when I received notification from my Paypal account that I have payment from Adgitize amounting to $20.42 for the month of January. Yohoo!. I signed up as an advertiser last month and paid for $14.00. The payment I made was really worth. I gain very good traffic everyday. I only paid $14.00 for one month advertisement and I earned $20.42 so, it was like they gave back my money plus interest and the traffic I gained. I joined first as a publisher and I visited and clicked Adgitize members’ everyday. This made me money and if you remember, my first payment was $18.00 as a publisher. I used that money to pay Adgitize as an advertiser. See, I never spend money out of my pocket just to pay my Adgitize ads. It’s all the money from Adgitize. So, if I were you, you should join Adgitize now because you have the opportunity to increase the amount of traffic to your blog plus you will earn money here. How to join?  Click the banner above this post. Join now!