Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Digital Camera

A few days ago, I posted here about my digital camera. Yesterday afternoon, I went to Canon Service Center to inquire about my problem with my digicam.  They tried it and it was not really working.  The pictures/images were not showing but when they tried their own memory card; the digicam worked, so they figured it out the problem.  There’s nothing wrong with my digicam, it was the memory card that was not working.  Thank God, I said.  They told me to buy a new memory card but I don’t have time yet to go to the mall because I am now busy helping my nephew to gather all his requirements for applying immigrant visa for Canada.

I am just sad because I can’t print now the pictures there.  I have so many very important and memorable pictures there like our pictures with Shy, the gifts of Dhemz and my friend’s pictures when we had our beach party last Christmas. Well, I think I should be happy then because it is not the camera has a problem, it’s the memory card. If it is the camera, I am sure I will spend more money for fixing the camera than buying a memory card.