Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Want a New Bedroom Set

It’s Sunday here and it’s time to relax but I can’t. I finished doing my laundry yesterday and now I was trying to rearrange everything here like in the kitchen, I was trying to throw all the empty bottles, jars, plastic that I didn’t use, but my father stopped me from doing this so he got all those stuffs in the kitchen. When I finished in the kitchen, I went to our bedroom and tried to rearrange the bed too. As I was looking at our bed, I remember that I bought this bed more than a decade ago now, lol. Yeah, it’s true. It is still good until now but it is not shining anymore, so I was planning to buy another bedroom set if I have extra money. I want modern style bed furniture. I know there are lots of modern beds displayed at the mall so I hope one of these days, I will go to the mall and I will just window shop for these modern beds that I like. I wish it is not really expensive or else, I will save first before I can buy the bed.