Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Favorite TV Show

My son is a fan of the Survivor TV Show. As much as possible he doesn’t like to be left behind on every episode of this TV show, but since there were times that he will miss one or more episodes of this TV show, he was asking me if I can download for him a TV Shows on Rapidshare. He wants me to download his favorite Survivor Reality TV Show because he has no time yet to download it by himself. He is busy right now but when I was there already, I forgot to ask him what episode he wants me to download, gosh! Since I was in the site already and my son will come home late tonight, I downloaded my own TV show, lol. I will just download his TV show as soon as I get the episode that he wants me to download. Oh! By the way, you can also download your favorite music,favorite movie soundtracks, games, software and more. You try it, downloading is really fast.