Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Apartments and Houses for Rent

A few days ago, I was at the mall. I was fascinated with the decorations they have right now because of the incoming Valentine’s Day. The mall is full of red and heart shaped colors and the cupids were hanging from the ceiling. It was really beautiful. While I was walking and roaming around the mall, there was a small space with a table and chairs inside, and a big rectangle of miniature apartments. It was a real estate booth. The woman inside was entertaining two foreign nationals. I heard what they were talking about. The two foreign nationals were looking for an apartment, or house somewhere in NC. The agent woman offers the Wilmington NC apartments. Well, right now, my hubby has no plan to move to another house or apartment here in NC, but just in case he changes his mind and he wants to move to another place, I will tell him that there are lots of choices in Wilmington like condos, townhouses, houses and apartments. So, if you are planning to move somewhere in NC, Wilmington is a good place to live.