Saturday, January 16, 2010

We had earthquake again

On Christmas Day afternoon while I was doing my rounds here, there was a not so strong earthquake. I remembered Christmas Day in 2008, there was also an earthquake. But this month in December 2009, we had lots of earthquake. First on Christmas Day afternoon, then on the 26th in the afternoon, 3rd on the 29th and the strongest that it reach to intensity 4 was yesterday morning. I was also here in front of my computer when the house was shaking. This time, I got nervous because it was strong, stronger than the past earthquakes. We have a two storey house and it’s concrete but I am scared if the earthquake will become stronger, the house might fall and window glasses may be shattered. After the earthquake, my mother turned on the radio just to listen the news report and it was reported that it was intensity 4 here in Davao City, intensity 3 in Davao del Norte and intensity 2 in General Santos City. I wish that’s the last earthquake here or if ever we will have another earthquake, I wish it is not strong.