Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sun Starts to Shine.

I am happy today that the rain has stopped although the sun didn’t shine so bright. The kids went to the school today without their umbrellas or rain coats. Fortunately Janjan has no school today because they just finished their exams for the boys last Friday and for the girls is today, so the boys are off from school today. My father is happy too because he can now fix my uncle’s car. It was last week when my uncle came here and asked Papa (my father) to fix his ford ac compressor but because of the heavy rains for a week now; he was not able to go to my uncle’s house to repair the car. Papa told me this morning to call my uncle that Papa will come to his house today to fix his car. I just hope that the rain has really gone now. There should be a lot of things to do but because of the continuous rains last week, we were not able to do it.